The full price list for our services will be published after we start operations. At this time entry to the ParaglidingPark Taucho Start is free for Sport Pilots.

Tandem Pilots and Companies must obtain a free permit to fly at Taucho Start from the Administrator of ParaglidingPark.

If you want us to organize Tourist or Flying services for you personally or group of Pilots you represent in the new season or before we are officially open then please send all details, questions and information to us by e-mail

Shuttle Bus service can be organized for you on location by the ParaglidingPark officials. The price to shuttle one person to takeoff will be 5 euro for the ride up and free for the ride down. ParaglidingPark shuttle buses are brand new 2014 Renault Master type busses and have passenger places for 8 people + 8 paragliders.